When architects use words

Words seem to be used in different ways when architects use them to describe their concept.  

One - ideology or intellectual identification. Ideology always accompanies 'picture'. porosity gives an image that became the ultimate goal. 

Another - description of spacial experience or characteristics, including physical presence, physical comprehension. Emerald necklace, yane no ie,

(photo & model by Junko Yamamoto) 

What you understand

What you understand is not necessarily what people see.

(photo & visual experiment by Junko Yamamoto) 

What does being contextual mean?

Any type of buildings will become part of its context anyway.

It becomes a part of the characteristics of its context. 

(photo by Junko Yamamoto: Saitama Shintoshin Station)

Borrowing phenomena

Architects often borrow phenomena from something. It may be:


(photo by Junko Yamamoto: Tomioka Museum) 

Built forms

Built forms are the reflection of values. 

(photo by Junko Yamamoto: Tomioka Museum) 

Perception determines reality

Language determines reality, the late Dr. Edward Kamoski said. 

And I would say: Perception determines reality. 

(photo & conceptual model: by Junko Yamamoto) 

Success of a building?

In my opinion, the success of a building means resulting in being well used,  appreciated and loved.

(photo by Junko Yamamoto: Subway in DC) 

Exercise is to raise awareness

Taking studio is all about exercise, my friend said. 

And I say, exercise is to raise awareness. 

Exercise is my [Deliberate Practice] 

(photo & conceptual model by Junko Yamamoto)